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Why I want to quit my 9 to 5 job and create a new life!

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Why do I want to quit my job you may be wondering? With unemployment so high, and so many people out of work?… The answer is easy! I hate my job, and I am there for the pay check, and the pay check only, and...

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What is a Reverse Trump!

Posted by in Misc, Random Thoughts

What is a reverse Trump!… If you can’t tell by some of the pictures I have been using on my quit the 9 to 5 podcast , I am a big fan of Donald Trump. I know he can seem a bit gruff at times, but I like...

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Mr X. Tweeted By @EllenFans Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter – Part 2

Posted by in Comments, Featured

Part Two… The next morning on November 19th. 2011, @EllenFans Tweeted...

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Mr X. Tweeted by @EllenFans on Twitter

Posted by in Comments, Featured

Mr X. was tweeted by @EllenFans on Twitter on November 18th. 2011. Maybe Ellen...

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Quit The 9 to 5 – Ideas to generate income so I can quit my job

Posted by in Featured, My Ideas, My Income, Start Here

My first thoughts…. There are so many ideas and things that someone can do to...

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Cubicles Suck!… What else can I say?

Posted by in Featured, Rants

In attempt to keep my sanity a bit longer (since it would really suck to go...

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