Episode 08-QT925 – Oct 31st 2011 Day 16

Welcome back!

Mr. X here. Previously, if you’ve been listening along as I go over my crazy things that I wanna do and the changes that I wanna make in my life, whether you’ve realized it or not we went over a couple of different things. We went over what, how, when, and why.

And let me go on and tell you a little bit more about each of those. I kinda started going over and explaining my what – what it is that I want and real quickly, what I want is to quit my normal 9 to 5 job. I wanna get rid of the 9 to 5 regular every day work week. Then I kinda went on to talk about briefly how I’m gonna do that. How I’m gonna do that is simply this: as my plan expands, I can speak on it more but how I’m gonna do that is slowly over time, coming up with things that I think and believe that I need to do in order to generate income, to over time, replace the current income that I have.

I’d also mentioned in a previous episode the reason I do what I do now is simply for a paycheck and that’s not a good enough reason to continue doing what it is that I’m doing. Besides being frustrated and ready for a change, I’m simply going to work every day, dealing with my normal 9 to 5 in order to get my paycheck.

So how, how I’m gonna do it is by finding something that can replace my current income so that I can make the change. I also went over when. When am I gonna make this change? Well, you can tell by now, I am making this change now. So my answer to when, is now!

I also gave you an illustration of the 15-year-old girl, the words of wisdom from a 15-year-old high school girl. The post that she made on Facebook that said, “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” So my answer, when, is right now. Starting now, small steps each and every day to lead towards a bigger goal, which are the things that I wanna do.

Then there is your why. Why do you wanna do this? I’ve already went over the why I wanna do this is because I’m tired. I’m worn out, I don’t enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t want to continue the things that I’ve been doing for so long, the normal 9 to 5.

So that’s my why as far as why I wanna make the change. But then you also have a second why. The second why is not why you wanna quit something you’re doing currently, but why you wanna move forward with your new plans.

So there’s kinda, it’s a little confusing ‘cause there’s two ‘whys’: there’s why you wanna quit what you got now, and then there’s why you wanna make the change or why it is you wanna do the new things that you wanna do.

So I’ve taken the time to sit down and come up with a second list. My first list was my list of tasks and items that I thought that I needed to do to, over time, escape and be able to quit my 9 to 5. But then there’s also a second list which is my ‘why’s’ that I wanna leave or quit what I’m doing now but then the other why list is talking about why I wanna make these changes.

And this is a more positive list, this is a list that lets me explore what some of my goals are and some of the things that I wanna do are. And let me give you a quick example one of my why’s is I would like to travel more. So I ask myself, “why do I wanna travel more?” and you get logical answers like “well, it’s fun” “you get to see the world”, “you get to go do things and experience different things, culture, places, etc.

So keep that in mind, just my little quick tip for the day. When you’re thinking through things, think about your what, your how, your when, and your why.

So again, ‘what’ is what it is that you’re gonna change, what is it that you wanna do. How? How are you gonna make that change? How are you gonna do that? When are you gonna do that? When are you gonna decide? When are you gonna take some action? When are you gonna formulate a plan? When are you gonna get started?

And then why? Why do you wanna make those changes? Why do you wanna implement those things? Why do you wanna move forward? All of those things are very important to keep in mind as you move forward.

And then the final why is what are you gonna experience or what’s gonna be different for you and your life once you’ve made that change.

So for me and my quick example today, is well, I’m gonna get to travel. I’m gonna get to experience more things in life. I’m gonna get to see more places. I’m gonna get to have more fun. So think about those things.

What are your whats, hows, when’s, and why’s in your life. Maybe there’s some things that you wanna change as well. What is it that you wanna do, how are you gonna do it, when are you gonna do it and why are you gonna do it?

Until next time,

Mr. X, signing off.


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        Mr X.

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