My Income

As you may know, I started this project October 16th 2011. Each month I will be tracking my progress to see how I am doing to reach my goal. My goal is to replace 100% of my income that I currently receive from my job, so that eventually, I can completely eliminate my job, fire my boss, and escape the 9 to 5 grind!

For tracking purposes, I will monitor two sources of income, my income from my “job”, and “other” income. I don’t know what to call my new source of income (the “other” income portion) as I do not know what that income will be yet.

What I do know for sure is… Work sucks, and I want to quit my job!

You will notice that the income that I receive from my job will change from month to month. The reason is I receive both a base pay, along with bonuses, commissions etc. It’s actually pretty complicated how I am paid, but just know that it can change pretty wildly from month to month.

Mr X.


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