What is a Reverse Trump!

What is a reverse Trump!…

If you can’t tell by some of the pictures I have been using on my quit the 9 to 5 podcast , I am a big fan of Donald Trump. I know he can seem a bit gruff at times, but I like the fact that he always stands up for himself. From what I can tell, he makes up his mind, makes his decision, holds strong, and then will fight for what he believes in.

I have been reading Donald Trump’s book “Trump, Think Like a Billionaire” lately. It covers his thoughts and how he makes decisions on various things in his life. It has been a real easy read, as most of the chapters are only a couple pages long, and then it switches topics.

Best I can tell, I don’t think that Donald Trump wants to quit his 9 to 5 anytime soon. In fact, he really seems to love his job and what he does. That is one thing I have never been able to say… That “I love what I do” for a living.

Well, that is going to change, and change very soon! No more doing things just for income, or for the paycheck. Whatever I do next, it will be something that I enjoy and that I want to do.

Once I figure out exactly what that is, I will be performing the Reverse Trump. Instead of being told that I am fired, I will be firing my boss!

I hope that Donald Trump doesn’t mind me using his picture!…

Mr X.


One Comment

  1. Dear Boss,

    This is my 2 second notice! Your’re Fired! Mr X.

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