Why I want to quit my 9 to 5 job and create a new life!

Why do I want to quit my job you may be wondering? With unemployment so high, and so many people out of work?… The answer is easy! I hate my job, and I am there for the pay check, and the pay check only, and that’s it!

I just had a birthday, and every year I reflect on where my life is. And simply put, too many years have gone by stuck in a rut. And…

Another Year Is Almost Gone!

Every year, I tend to ask myself a lot of questions around this time of year, with both my birthday, and the New Year right around the corner.

The questions I ask myself are things like…

  • What don’t I like about what I am doing now?
  • What do I wish I were doing? 
  • What did I want to do this last year that I didn’t get done, or that has completely fizzled out?

I don’t like most of my answers!

I have always been big on having goals, plans and dreams, but it seems like many times they just get put on the back burner, or time just slips by.

So back to the question?…

“Why do I want to quit the 9 to 5 grind?”

Besides hating my job, and being frustrated with my dreams always being put off, the next best reason that I have is this…. Here is a short explanation so you will understand.

A while back, I was on www.Facebook.com (just another reason time slips by) reading some conversations of a friend of my oldest son, I don’t really remember the topic they were discussing; I just remember the end reply… It was,

“If Not Now, When?”

What a great question! Do you hear that noise? That is my brain pondering again… “If not now, when? Wow!

You know how things work out when we “plan to do them later”… RIGHT? We tend to never get around to them! The odds of it ever happening, goes way down.

The “reasons” why we put them off until later, are things like…

  • I’m too busy…
  • I don’t have the time…
  • Maybe next week…
  • I’m tired…
  • Work is so demanding right now…
  • I don’t have the money right now…

Ever used any of these reasons (excuses!)

So, If Now Now, When? I couldn’t think of a better time for myself, so I am getting rid of my excuses, and my time is NOW!

Mr. X.


  1. Are you going to let another year slip away?
    I hope not, so get on it!

    Mr X.

    • I hate my life but at least this makes it bearable.

      • Things can be changed. Just take one small step at a time.

        Don’t let things get you down. Fight your way through them!

        Mr X.

  2. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Brains?… Don’t know that I can verify that! But give me a “A” for effort!

      Mr X.

  3. This article is a home run, pure and smiple!

    • Hey better, batter… Swing!

      Appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by!

      Mr X

  4. I saw a comment you left on Pat Flyyn’s website which led me to your website. You and I are starting down the same path. I am doing the same thing creating a NICHE site as Pat explains it. My website is http://www.vacationwebsitereviews.com and I started not even a week ago and am posting my journey as well. I look forward to reviewing your website and hope you do the same on mine at http://www.vacationwebsitereviews.com as well. Best of luck.

    • Nice work Trent!

      Taking the first step is always the hardest! Keep at it, and add to it daily.

      Let me know if there is anything I can do that will help you escape the 9 to 5 sooner!

      Mr X.

  5. This is very much where I am at right now and I need to stop procrastinating and start working on my websites to achieve my goal of leaving my 9 to 5 by this time next year.

    • Hi Steven!

      Hey that happens to everyone! Procrastination… It can be a killer of dreams my friend! Remember that.

      When I feel like procrastinating, I just decide to procrastinate later!

      Good luck on reaching your goals, and being able to quit the 9 to 5!

      Mr X.

  6. If not now when? That alone will make me do what i have to do NOW!

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