Why is “IT” starting now?

Mr. X. Here…

Why is “IT” starting now you ask?… As I mentioned earlier, I have another birthday quickly approaching. Every year, around my birthday (October 29th. to be exact, if you were planning on getting me something…) and again around New Years, I start reflecting…

The bottom line is: Another year gone!

I tend to ask myself a lot of questions this time of year. What did I do this last year that I wanted to do? What did I want to do this last year, but for whatever reason, I didn’t get it done?

Usually, I don’t like my answers!

I have always been big on having plans, goals, and a road map for the things that I wanted for my life. But it seems that things just take time, and more time than you ever expected. And to make it more complicated, in case you never noticed, many times, things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to turn out. So time continues to slip by.

So back to the question?… “Why is “IT” starting now?”

Well, here is the best reason that I have at the moment, and a short explanation so you kind of understand.

A couple weeks ago, I was on www.Facebook.com (just another reason time slips by) reading some of my friends conversations (So much for privacy)… Actually, it was not a friend of mine, but a friend of my oldest son, (I will call him son X for now). I don’t really remember the topic or what started the Facebook conversation, I just remember the end reply… It was, “If Not Now, When?” What a great question!

Do you hear that noise? That is my brain starting the pondering again… “If not now, when? Wow. Deep! We all know how things usually work out when we plan to do them later… When we choose to do something later, the odds of it ever happening goes way, way, down. The reasons (excuses) why we don’t do it later, always seem to kick in… I’m too busy. This week won’t work. I have been working extra hours at work. I don’t have the extra money right now. Sounds familiar?

So, if not now when? I couldn’t think of a better time for when… So I decided on NOW!

Until next time…
Mr. X. 


  1. Super informative writing. Keep it up.

    • Geez, that’s unbeleiavble. Kudos and such.

    • Action requires knowldege, and now I can act!

      • Then get busy my friend!

        Mr X.

    • Thanks Marlee,

      I will. I am not stopping until I get to where I am going. At that my friend, is to escape the 9 to 5!

      Mr X.

    • Thanks. There is a whole lot more in the works. Stop back by soon!

      Mr X.

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